What is Pictom?


Pictom is a company specializing in family management assistance. Whether in consultation to help you in the daily family management, training, individual or group, tailored to your needs, through the creation, design, manufacture and sale of magnetic boards positive reinforcement and pictograms magnetized. Our team, composed of moms like you, is listening to your needs to make your life easier in a world increasingly breathless.


Our partners !
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Our partners !

Our partners, whom we choose with the utmost care, to give added value to Pictom products, are there to advise you and help you in your efforts to improve family management on a daily basis.

Vicki Andrade Mot Magique

Le Mot Magique was created in 2017 by Vicki Andrade, T.E.S. and language intervener, following an increase in requests for daycare and home care services. Eager to help all children with language difficulties, as well as their parents and teachers, Vicki teams up with other specialized educators in different regions of Quebec to provide quality services quickly. accessible and human. The company is specialized in language stimulation by specialized education technicians, but other services can be offered according to the specializations of the workers in the different regions of Quebec, such as homework help, support, stimulation objectives set by other professionals (occupational therapist, psychoeducator, etc.), emotional management assistance, intervention plan creation and more.

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